A basic principle of our Unitarian Universalist denomination is freedom of religious belief. We do not require assent to a particular institutional creed or statement of faith for membership.
We believe that people should be encouraged to think for themselves.We agree that people will differ in their opinions and life styles and feel that these differences should generally be honored -- for each person is the final source of authority on his or her own life.
Our principles
We hold that all persons have an obligation to seek out personal religious truth and to follow that truth wherever it leads.
We exist to offer a warm, open, supportive community. We want to provide a place where individuals can meet and find accepting and understanding friends.
We look to each other for intellectual stimulation and emotional support through all the stages and difficulties of life.
We affirm the worth of human beings. We trust people's ability to build their own faith.
Morgantown, West Virginia Unitarian-Universalist
We seek to act as a moral force in the world, believing that ethical living is the supreme witness of religion. The here and now, and the effects that our actions will have on future generations are what deeply concern us.
We seek to promote one universal humanity undivided by nation, race or creed, with allegiance to the cause of a united world community.
We know that we often fail to live up to these ideals, but unite in the hope, that working together, we may come closer to realizing them.
Our Board
Our history
The Morgantown Fellowship's history began in 1954 when 3 or 4 families started meeting in homes. The Fellowship was formally established on May 23, 1954, with a set of by-laws, very similar to what we have now, and 27 people signing the membership book.

We erected our present building in 1963, when Don Horvath was President.
Christine Rothschild
Bruce Rothschild
Vice President
Beth Houseknecht
Joan Doris
Greg Spransy
Dave Gaston
Susan Musick
RE Director
Nominating Chair
Mike Attfield
Our service
This PDF file shows the structure and format of a typical Sunday service.
Love is the spirit of this church
Our covenant
Love is the Spirit of this church, and service its law.
This is our great covenant;
To dwell together in peace,
To seek the truth in love,
And to help one another.
Our ministers
We are lucky to have the assistance and wisdom of two ministers, the Revs. Renee Waun and Michael O'Kelly. See this page for more information on them.