Morgantown, West Virginia Unitarian-Universalist
The mission of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Morgantown is to create an open, compassionate, religious community that supports intellectual, ethical and spiritual growth and encourages social consciousness, respect for diversity and thoughtful involvement in the larger community.
All are welcome to attend services, participate in activities, and help with the work of the fellowship. We hope you will be enriched by your participation. If you have been attending for a while and want to form a closer union with the fellowship, you may want to consider voting membership. Joining our fellowship does not require accepting a creed. It does say that you agree with the purpose and mission of the fellowship, respect the seven principles put forth by the national organization and are willing to support the fellowship with your attendance, service, votes, and contributions. To become a voting member, you need only to review the bylaws and sign the membership book. Membership is renewed each year by making a contribution of record.
Love is the spirit of this church